Our bestselling Lean Six Sigma and Minitab book was recently reviewed by Raj Sharma of The Chartered Institute of IT, and received a score of 10/10!

The outstanding review specifically highlights the logical DMAIC structure of the book, the process flows for each phase, the number of Minitab screenshots and the portable, reference-style format.

A copy of the review is shown below, and the original version can be downloaded from the The Chartered Institute of IT website by clicking here.

For those wanting to pursue the discipline of Lean Six Sigma, this 4th edition toolbox guide for business improvement is an invaluable set of tools and processes to help develop a deep understanding of the Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

This toolbox guide is aimed at those wanting to learn Lean Six Sigma including trainees and senior managers, improvement practitioners and project sponsors to name a few. Whilst Six Sigma and the efficiencies have been traditionally linked to minimizing defects within manufacturing industries, the tools can be applied to a wide variety of disciplines and sectors.

Naturally the guide is structured around the 5 phases (DMAIC) with sub-steps for each phase. The guide also contains Minitab screenshots and instructions for each tool, data files and templates that are available online and process flows through each DMAIC phase. It also contains an informative appendices section including a very useful quick guide to P-Values and a section for acronyms and a glossary of terms.

The major advantage of this toolbox guide is in the portable, reference-style format which is very logical and easy to use. The author has clearly thought about this in detail and it shows in his work. All the required learning and a host of useful information is contained in this guide and this makes it a ‘must-have’ resource for learning Lean Six Sigma. The checklist at the end of each section identifies anything that may have been missed.

I would definitely recommend purchasing this book in pursuing certification and post certification to put into practice what has been learned.

Reviewed by Mr Raj Sharma MBCS CITP

Score 10 out of 10