Customised covers

Customised covers are a fantastic, cost effective way of creating a professional, branded image for your improvement programme. We can rapidly create a unique cover design for your books that reflects your corporate branding and has key messages for your improvement teams.

More customisation options

In addition to customised covers, we can deliver:

  • Additional or replacement pages.
  • New tabs and page colours to match corporate branding.
  • Bespoke books to unique specifications.

Customised examples

Pricing (of customised covers only)


$1850per cover
  • £11.50 (GBP)


$1350per cover
  • £8.50 (GBP)


$1200per cover
  • £7.50 (GBP)


$1050per cover
  • £6.75 (GBP)


$550per cover
  • £3.50 (GBP)


$450per cover
  • £3.00 (GBP)

Note: If you require us to design your customised cover from scratch, there may be an extra fee for our design time. Contact us for details.

Customisation case study

Invensys asked OPEX Resources to develop two bespoke books for their continuous improvement community. The first was based upon our bestselling Lean Six Sigma and Minitab book, with additional tools, examples and terminology specific to Invensys. The second was written at an introductory level for a wider audience.

We produced bespoke covers for both books to fit with Invensys branding, and the internal pages and tabs incorporated Invensys corporate colours.

Customisation case study

customised invensys book developed by OPEX Resources