Picture of edition 4This best selling book for Lean and Six Sigma professionals has just got even better with the announcement of its long awaited 4th Edition. The Lean Six Sigma and Minitab book has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide since it was first published in 2004 and has become the book for all business improvement professionals.

Edition 4 now has over 135 key tools and techniques covering Lean, Six Sigma, soft skills and Minitab software, and still includes a chapter on Minitab’s Quality Companion software.

What’s new in Edition 4?

  • Fully updated for Minitab 17, with versions 15/16 differences noted.
  • New tools added; including Gemba, Value-Add Chart, C&E Matrix, Multi-Vari Chart, SMED, TPM, Kanbans and One Piece Flow.
  • Existing material improved; including CTQ Trees, Process Mapping, VSM, Binary Logistic Regression.
  • Minitab input screens added for Histograms, Display Descriptive Statistics, Time Series plots, Probability plots.
  • Improved graphics and screen grabs and many other improvements made.

“Edition 4 is a major upgrade from several perspectives” explains author Quentin Brook, “the book has always been a practical, easy to use, desktop support resource for anyone using Six Sigma in conjunction with Minitab, but Minitab 17 has a range of differences and we’ve taken the opportunity to add some new tools, improve existing tools and upgrade the graphics quality substantially”.

The book is published by OPEX Resources and is supported by an extensive range of complimentary support resources including a free Tool Finder app, data files templates, training slides, Minitab menus, articles, industry news and access to a readers LinkedIn Group.

Order direct from the publisher, with rapid worldwide shipping, at: www.opexresources.com/orders

Edition 4 publication and release date: 1st May 2014
ISBN for printed edition: 978-0-9546813-8-8
ISBN for iBook edition: 978-0-9546813-9-5