The following review is taken from the Quality World magazine, published by the Chartered Quality Institute, London (

Book of the Month: Lean Six Sigma and Minitab
Quality World Magazine, Volume 37, Issue 2, February 2011

“There are literally thousands of Lean Six Sigma books, guides and roadmaps available to the avid quality reader, with The Complete Toolbox among the best selling. The book comes with strong endorsement from BT, among others.

The third edition is split into seven sections, the first five following the DMAIC principles of define-measure-analyse-improve-control, with an additional “manage” section and appendices. Written in clear, simple English, the book uses easy-to-follow process flows that work not only within their specific section of the book, but also with other sections and linked concepts, tools and techniques (125 of them in total). The guide doesn’t offer a “follow-me” type approach, rather it states what should be happening at every stage and gives options for successful project delivery.

Refreshingly, the book tends to prompt rather than tell, and asks the reader key questions such as what’s wrong and what do you want to achieve, to elicit meaningful responses. Another great feature of the book is the wealth of content available online, which gives the reader valuable tools.

While the book probably isn’t suitable for someone starting out with Lean Six Sigma, it is pretty much a one-stop-shop for all the tools a practitioner might need. In all, it’s a solid companion for any Lean Six Sigma practitioner.”

This review was written for the CQI by Chris Morgan, MCQI CQP.