Picture of customised cover for InvensysInvensys, a global technology and controls group that are leaders in industrial automation, rail transportation and controls have incorporated a customised version of the best selling ‘Lean Six Sigma and Minitab’ book into their corporate improvement programme.

The book is an invaluable, easy-to-use portable coach that helps convert the Invensys Six Sigma training into long term successful live projects. As a key component in the Invensys improvement programme, the team wanted to align the book with their corporate branding and terminology. OPEX therefore developed new material that included tailored Invensys examples and a complete redesign of the cover in line with Invensys branding.

“The customised books are an integral part of our improvement programme” said Bill Remy, VP of Continuous Improvement at Invensys. “They use Invensys terminology, provide a consistent approach to problem solving and are a key tool for advancing CI at Invensys. And on top of that all – they look great!”.

In fact, the Invensys team were so impressed, they’ve now commissioned OPEX to develop a ‘Rapid Problem Solving’ book that will help educate a broader audience at all levels within Invensys.