We’re pleased to announce our new academic and corporate discounts, that will provide at least 25% discount on all orders for qualifying organisations – even on single copy orders, forever!

For corporate customers, the discount is designed as a reward for buying our book directly, in bulk. Corporate discounts are granted after an organisation has purchased a total of 100 books from us.

For academic customers, the discount is designed as a reward for adopting our Lean Six Sigma and Minitab book as a course text. Academic discounts are granted once the course tutor has confirmed that our book is a recommended course text on their course.

Ordering with the discounts is easy – employees and students from qualifying organisations just have to select and apply their organisation name from a drop down list in our shopping cart. The discounted prices are then applied automatically.

Just visit our online shop at www.opexresources.org/orders.

For further information please contact us.