We’re proud to announce that Quentin Brook, author of our bestselling Lean Six Sigma and Minitab book, will be presenting a series of three webinars on behalf of Minitab entitled ‘Minitab Need to Knows’  The webinars are designed for beginners and intermediate Minitab users, and will introduce key concepts from a practical perspective with plenty of worked examples, as follows:

Need to Know 1: Managing Data in Minitab (May 23)  This session will cover some useful ideas for importing data into Minitab and structuring it correctly.  In addition, methods for creating more data (using Minitab’s Calculator function) and working with groups of data (stratification) will be covered.

Need to Know 2: First Steps for Data Analysis (June 13)  Taking an initial look at your data is an essential skill, and this session will cover the First Pass Analysis concept – including Histograms and Time Series Plots – as well as using Minitab’s Graphical Summary and Descriptive Statistics functions.

Need to Know 3: Introduction to Process Capability (July 11)   This final webinar will focus on process capability; how well the process delivers what the customer wants.  Key concepts for both Normal and Non-Normal data will be covered, as well as Minitab’s Process Capability Sixpack function.

Want more information or to sign up?

Click here to find out more information and sign up for this webinar.  First webinar is May 23, 2018!