OPEX Lean Six Sigma Tool Finder app (free)

The Lean Six Sigma Tool Finder app is a free, interactive app that helps you to find the right tool at the right time.  It is available for iOS and Android devices and is designed to accompany our Lean Six Sigma and Minitab book.  The app includes:

  • DMAIC routemap navigation
  • Over 90 tool definitions
  • Over 115 terms and acronyms
  • Interactive routemaps for selecting graphical tools, hypothesis tests and SPC.

See how it works

Customisation case study

Our app can be customised to fit your organisations branding and toolkit.  Once uploaded to the appstores, distribution to your employees is a fast, low-cost process.

Baringa Partners – a London based business and technology consultancy – asked us to deliver a customised version of our app with Baringa branding and key marketing messages.  This app is available for free download by Baringa’s potential clients on both the Android and iOS platforms.