OPEX's customised Minitab menu - a free installDid you know you can easily customise your Minitab menu in order to keep all your frequently used functions in the same place?

Simply go the Tools menu and select Customise.

In this customise mode, you can drag and drop menus in order to change their position, or insert new menus by dragging them from the Commands tab into the C
dialogue box.

You can even customise the button images on the drop down menus by right clicking, and selecting Edit Button Image (while still in customise mode).

If you don’t have time to customise your menu, you can download and install the free OPEX Six Sigma Menu (shown above right) into your Minitab toolbar. If you have our Lean Six Sigma and Minitab book, you’ll find detailed diagrams and instructions on pages 293-294 of our book.